LEISS developes and produces blow moulds for industry – we mould the future!

Since 1994 we, LEISS GmbH, have been among the world’s leading and successful producers of extrusion blow moulds as well as stretch blow moulds made of steel or aluminium for the production of technical parts as well as plastic bottles and containers made for branches such as automotive, pharmaceutical, chemical as well as cosmetics industry.

Our main business is the development of new bottle and container designs in close cooperation with our customers and the thereof resulting construction and production of the corresponding moulds with peripheral equipment for the economical production of these newly developed packagings.

Furthermore we have a large service department for repair and maintenance of existing blow moulds produced at LEISS or externally.

We, per annum, produce about 250 new blow moulds with about 1000 cavities in total including the corresponding necessary peripheral parts and accessories, e. g. blow pins, masks/punchings or dies/pins.

Customer service and flexibility combined with support and assistance in technical questions are parts of our business strategy.

This - together with adherence to delivery dates and a constant and extremely high quality standard – makes us an absolutely reliable supplier and partner of the plastics’ processing industry!

Therefore - in order to match our customers’ demands furthermore and as always constantly at the very best - we decided to extend our production area in 2012.

Our blow moulds are used in several branches such as cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food and beverages, automotive and chemical industry.